Henny Bax

A veterinarian who has practiced his profession with a passion. From his vision “together you are better” it was logical to seek cooperation with other practices, which often led to a complete merger. The sale of his practices to Evidensia / IVC in 2015 was a logical consequence, as it became possible to build an organization that believes in “Better together” in an even greater context with many more possibilities
Henny has been sailing for years. Often along the coast of the Netherlands, the UK, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Canary Islands. Always shorter periods of 2-3 weeks and only once a year, because veterinary medicine dominated.
One of the first sailing trips was a round of IJsselmeer. Enjoyable sailing and then arriving at one of the towns and getting to know their rich history. I saw a completely different Netherland.
That trip in 1990 was the basis of my dream, to go around the world with my own boat and visit countries, My focus is traveling without time pressure. My goal is to really learn about the country and its culture and not only the well-known tourist attractions.

Other members of the crew

In principle, I will be sailing solo but my friends and family will join me for shorter or longer periods of time.