My plan

In 2017 I decided to buy a ship and prepare myself and the boat for longer sailing trips. To visit many countries by boat and get to know different cultures and their ways of life.
Time should may not be a limiting factor for these journeys. My estimate is certainly more than 7 years of travel.
For various reasons, I don’t want to be away for 7 years, but instead, I will travel for about 6 months a year.
The reasons for this choice are:
1. When I am abroad for 7 years, I possibly return to my own country as a stranger.
2. In recent years I have enjoyed a challenging and inspiring work and living environment, I do not want to sacrifice this completely.
3. I want to think about new impressions, give them a place before moving on so a few months of travel and then back to my home for a while.

In the summer of 2019, the journey will start from the Netherlands along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean to the South, with stops in Spain and Portugal, then Madeira and the Canary Islands.
In the autumn I will prepare for the crossing to the Caribbean, which is planned for at the end of 2019.
In 2020 I want to visit the countries in that area and then there are several options.
In 2021 which direction to go ??? Probably to Suriname and Brazil with a crossing to South Afrika.